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I am no longer updating the former pupils section of the website.

Emails received from Former Pupils
Thank you. I will keep my information up to date. It is a fantastic website. I have enjoyed reading other former pupils' profiles and will get in contact with some of my old chums. It is great to see Mr Todd's face - he kept me on the right path at school.Rachel Plunkett (90-99)
I think it is a wonderful thing you have done setting this up and already I have e-mailed half a dozen old friends. I am going to be telling all my Ardrossan Academy friends about this now.

Fiona Mitchell (80-89) (married name Fiona Starr)

Happy to inform you that I have been contacted by an old friend whom I had no contact with for over 30 years, through the Academy site, and he is getting me in touch with another old friend who I lost touch with 25 years ago. Keep up the good work. I never miss checking out the site each weekend. I find the old photos most interesting. Thanks a million.

Alistair (50-59) & Ruth

Just thought I would let you know that since I put my details on the past pupils page about 3 weeks ago, I have been contacted by an old classmate whom I last saw and spoke to 42 years ago. Many thanks to the Academy website as this is where he saw my E-mail address.

John Lundie (50-59)

Thanks for including my entry on the website. It was a great find and I have spent ages reading through all the items especially those of former pupils. It brought back old memories.

Shirleyann Edwards (80-89) (married name Shirleyann Reid)

It's a great website to visit and browse. Since discovering it, I really enjoy the walk down memory lane, checking those names and emailing people that I remember. You are doing a great job with the page and I'm looking forward to following it.

Christine Spencer Redding (70-79)

I have been in touch with two old schoolmates already.It was good to hear from them.I have also enjoyed browsing through the Academy website and viewing the staff photograph from 1962.I recognize many of my old teachers there.It has all brought back to me many happy memories.I am sure the website is avidly scanned by many old pupils.

George Munn (60-69)

The belt - I'd just about forgotten about that particular teaching aid. It did however get me through my O-Grade French with Geordie Buchan. Every day an irregular verb test......less than eighteen out of twenty....then "two of the belt!". It made me learn them. GB said "give me a parrot and a fortnight and I can teach the bird all the irregular verbs needed for brain power needed.... if you don't know them for the daily test, it's just because you're lazy and need correction"....what a way to teach! I was only belted on once, from then on I always scored eighteen or more. But in those days no foreign language at O-Grade or Higher then no Certificate of Fitness for University and no B.Sc....etc. So, in retrospect GB probably did me a favour.

Ian Maxwell (60-69)

I'm Charlie Blakely's niece.  I have my Mum visiting me over in New Zealand at the moment and am desperately trying to convince her that both she and my uncle should get a computer.  I googled my uncle's name in an attempt to get her attention and found your AA website, on which he gets several admirable mentions.  We picked up the phone, called him and read out the comments he appeared in.  He was stoked!  To hear himself described as 'legendary' by an ex-pupil has, I think, given him a great deal of pride.  As with all teachers, he is very interested to know how his former pupils have done, so 2 hours, and one very large phone bill later, I was still looking up names for him on your site.

Elaine Gannaway [ Elaine is not a former pupil ]

Keep up the good work. It's good to have a look and see what is happening in the school now and also to look back and read about what old school mates have  made of themselves.

Jim Martin (70-79)

Your site works. I recently had an e-mail from a friend of Andrew Martin and through that made contact with not only Andrew but other school friends of 50 years ago.

Ronnie Alexander (50-59)