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LEFT SCHOOL 1910-1939
Former Pupils

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Does anyone have any information regarding John Mearns Allan who taught at Ardrossan Academy around this time?
Photograph and obituary
Email Helen Jane Peters at Helen's great uncle was a teacher at Ardrossan Academy?
Anne Nixon is looking for information about her father, James Wilson Gillespie, who was born in 1922 and would have been at Ardrossan Academy around this time. Email Anne at
Brown, James Angus Morrison
Left school in 1910.
At school, James won the medal which you can view here.
On leaving school he attended the Royal Technical College in Glasgow.
He saw service in France from 1914 to 1919 with the Royal Yeomanry and the Royal Engineers, and was wounded.
He moved to Argentina due to ill health - TB which he contracted in the army.
He was a fine footballer and a keen cricketer. He indulged in tennis and could hold his own at golf. He was married to Isa MaCreth. He was an active member of the St Andrew's Society, Lodge Light of the South and the C.D.C.A Perez. He had one daughter, Isobel, who lives in Argentina. He worked in various positions in the Railway industry. He was a draughtsman for the Central Argentine Railway until his death on Dec 17th, 1941.His grandson, Gavin Skellorn, can be contacted at his email address shown above.
Copland, William
Left school in 1939.
William did an apprenticeship at Ardrossan Shipyard until called up into the Fleet Air Arm in 1941.

He emmigrated to Canada in 1948. When he retired he bought a West Highland Terrier male pup. This was the successful beginning of the Drybrig Kennel, located in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.

Bill passed away on 19 January 2009.
His daughter, Joan, is donating Bill's school blazer to the school in September 2009.

Dias, Janet Glasgow
Left school in 1932.
Married name: Janet Scott

After leaving school, Janet worked for ICI at Ardeer until her marriage in 1941. At that time, women had to leave work upon marriage! Her husband was an army officer and they spent 7 years in Germany. She has three children and two grandchildren.
Although she did not go to university upon leaving school, Janet became a student at London University in her late 60s and was awarded a BA in Italian when she was 72 !Her classmates at Ardrossan Academy were Barbara Ferguson, Mary Chisolm and Mary Kilpatrick.
Kellie, Helen
Left school in 1928.
Married name: Helen Bryden

As the eldest of 6 children Helen was not able to further her education beyond the Academy. She was obliged to leave in 1928 to get a job to supplement the family income. Initially she spent several years in domestic service as a cook before progressing to an office job at I.C.I.'s factory at Ardeer. Eventually she was put in charge of one of Ardeer's staff canteens where she remained until her marriage in 1947. During World War II she also acted as an A.R.P. warden.
Helen had 2 sons. The eldest (Billy) was a lifelong invalid and died just before Christmas 1970, about 7 years after they emigrated to New Zealand. Her younger son (Bob) became her full-time carer when her sight and health began to fail. Helen died on Thursday 26 April 2001.If any of Helen's former friends or classmates or their families care to get in touch they can contact Bob at the above e-mail address.
Killin, Margaret
Left school around 1911.
Married name: Margaret McGrath

Margaret joined Ardrossan Academy from Winton Primary School on winning a Bursary/Scholarship.
Download a photo of Margaret taken in 1920. Contact her son, James, at the above email address.
Lambert, Jack
Left school in 1914 (approx)
Jack Lambert became a famous Scottish actor. He appeared in TV series such as Sutherland's Law and Dixon of Dock Green. He also appeared in films such as Reach for the Sky and Storm Over the Nile.He was a founder member of the Accies.Jack died in March 1976 in Wandsworth, London.
There are more details about Jack here

Lee, Mary
Left school in 1930
Married name Mary Stone

Mary was born at 24 Winton Street, Ardrossan on 27 July 1917. She lived there until 1931 when her parents moved to London looking for work.She was one of eight children, three of whom were cousins. Two of the cousins, George and Luke Hooper, and Mary attended Ardrossan Academy. George was in the same year as Mary and is still alive.  She remembers school friends Marjorie Kerr and two other friends who travelled daily from Arran.
MacLellan, Jean  
Left school in 1939.
Married name Jean Walker.

Jean studied Theatre Arts at Brock University, St Catharines, Canada.She lives alone in Toronto. She has three surviving children and seven grandchildren. She writes plays and scripts and has had two performed.She remembers fondly Mr. Mc Millan, her English teacher. No one moved when the bell rang - they were all so fascinated by him! She also remembers Mr Pennel (Physics) , Ms Munn, Ms Wilson and Mr Murray, fondly known as Wungy. She would love to hear about any of her contemporaries.
McGrath, James
Left school around 1911.
He worked at ICI, Ardeer, in polymer research and holds the first ever patent for Perspex in 1934.In 1910-11, James received prizes in Latin and French - you can view his certificate here.
Contact his son, James, at the above email address.
McInulty, Elizabeth
Left school around 1918-1920.
Married name: Elizabeth Estey

Elizabeth died on March 30, 2009. She would have been 102 years old on June 22, 2009. She won a scholarship to Ardrossan Academy and spoke of it until her death. She was so proud to have been a student at Ardrossan Academy where she was Dux. She still knew her teachers' names and talked about taking the train to the Academy. She would have loved to have known that this website existed.The email address of Elizabeth's granddaughter is given above.
Morris, Moira  
Left school in 1933.
On leaving school Moira attended Skerry's College, Glasgow.She then worked in the Ministry Of Labour until her marriage in 1944 to George Newlands who attended Ardrossan Academy before going on to Glasgow University where he obtained a BSc. My best friend at school was Jean Aitken who returned to the school as a French and German teacher until her retirement in the '70's. George died in 1986 but I continue to live in Welwyn Garden City where we settled in 1945.  
Simpson, Muriel
Left school in 1937.
Married name: Muriel Clegg

Muriel is married with 4 children. She is retired and is now living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. She remembers the following teachers: TWO headmasters - Mr Jackson and Mr Pennell, Miss King (English), Miss Stark (French) and Miss Wilson (Latin & Math). Muriel would like to hear from any old classmates.
Scott Pearson, Ian F.  
Left school in 1930.
Ian was born in West Kilbride in 1917. He may have attended Ardrossan Academy until approximately February, 1930, when he entered the High School of Glasgow. After leaving Ardrossan and West Kilbride, Ian Pearson and his family moved to Montreal where his father, the Reverend Scott Pearson, taught at the university. The family returned to Scotland before World War II, and Ian served during the war in the Royal Navy Reserve aboard ship. When the war ended, he married a woman from Hibbing, Minnesota and moved there. The couple raised six children and Ian worked as an accountant before passing on prematurely of a heart attack in 1975. His son, Thomas A. Pearson, is a lawyer in St. Paul, Minnesota and would be very interested to hear from anyone who knew Ian or other members of his family.
Tom can be reached at
Scott, John
Left school in 1939.
After leaving school, John joined the merchant navy then took up an apprenticeship in engineering which was interupted by the war. He spent four years in the Royal Navy and ended up a marine engineer. He married Nan Chalmers, a former Academy pupil, and emigrated to Australia, ultimately ending up in New Zealand where he spent his life as an engineer in the freezing industry until he retired. Now his interests are keeping his wife happy, enjoying good food and wine, playing golf and battling with his newest toy - his computer.  
Smith, Landor Bertram  
Left school in 1935.
On leaving school, Landor worked in the Bank of Scotland, Ardrossan till 1939. In September 1939 he was commissioned Sub.Lieutenant (RNVR) Royal Navy and served afloat from 1940-44 principally as secretary to Chief of Staff and Admiral Commanding 1st Cruiser Squadron, Home Fleet. Landor took part in the sighting, chasing and sinking of the "Bismarck" and was a member of an assault group during the D-Day landings in Normandy. He was twice mentioned in dispatches. When he was demobbed in 1946, Landor entered the business world, laterally in the MacFarlane Group, Clansman PLC, till 1982.He now lives in Bearsden, Glasgow. He married Evelyn in October 1943. They have four children, seven grandchildren and one great grand daughter!
Landor visiting the school on Wednesday 17 May 2000  
Smith, Dr. Raymond Bertram  
Left school in 1932.
Raymond was Dux boy at Ardrossan Academy in 1932.On leaving school, he studied medicine at Edinburgh University and graduated MB CH B 1937. He was a medical missionary from1938 till 1958 in charge of the Church of Scotland Hospital in Aden. When serious illness cut his career short, he returned to the UK and became Medical Officer to Schools in Northumberland (Alnwick). He retired in 1979 and now lives in a retirement home in Nottingham.