1962-63 Staff Photograph

Clippings from 1962-63 staff photograph. Download the full (148 K) photograph showing all 61 named staff here.

Miss Aitken
Mr Anderson
Mr Blakely
Mr Brown
Mr Buchan
Mr Crookes
Mr Dempster
Mr Heatherington
Miss Lyle
Dr Nisbet
Mr Parker
Mr Partridge
Mr Penman
Mr Rae
Mr Renwick
Mr Skelly
Mr Strong
Mr Tait
Miss Love
Mr Millar
Mr Bannatyne
Mr Hughes
Mr McFarlane
Mr Seggie

Ian Maxwell's Account of the day this photo was taken:

I was in fifth year at the time. We got an extended break for the photo and, when all the teachers were outside posing, the pupils in the school  quietly locked the doors. The senior pupils had planned it days before. And we were all in the know. Once the doors had been bolted, the  pupils went upstairs and opened the windows to watch the photo being taken. The staff didn't know they'd been locked out until they tried to get back in!

The Rector wasn't amused. We were upstairs cheering from the windows. And he was trying to make light of it. "Alright, a joke's a joke!" he called up to us, walking up and down between rooms 1 and 4," Now open up and let's get back to work." We just continued cheering (some may have said "jeering") and the doors remained bolted.

This went on for about ten minuted or so. The prefects then released the bolts and scarpered. During this short mutiny no damage was was all just good clean fun.