War Memorial

The War Memorial, to honour former pupils of Ardrossan Academy who died in World Wars 1 and 2, is situated in the school hall and was unveiled on 8 April 1949.

Rector, A.N.Pennel, wrote:

"On an April afternoon the pupils of the school sat reverently before the flag-draped memorial in the hall. They were joined by many of the town and district, who sought to honour the sons of the Academy who had passed through the Gates of Learning to enter those of the Grave in defence of freedom which no true man gives up but with his life. On the dais beneath the tablet many civic and clerical dignitaries were assembled and, with them, the members of the staff who, as was but fitting, had donned full academic dress of gown and hood in token of respect for the solemn occasion. After prayer was offered by the reverend Geddes Ritchie, the memorial was unveiled by the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Eglinton, who thereafter gave an address, and prefect Alastiar MacGregor read the names of the fallen. The memorial was now handed over to the school by J. Whitelaw Esq., president of the former pupils club. After acceptance on behalf of the Academy by the rector, the reverend T.K. Potts dedicated the memorial in prayer, and the school choir sang the lament 'The Flowers of the Forest'."
The unveiling ceremony

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