School Song

There is some doubt about the origin of the school song.
According to James McGrath, it was being sung when he was at school in 1935-49.
According to Eileen Lamb, the writer of the School Song was Miss Violet Simpson, who was a music teacher at Ardrossan Academy around the late 40s. This lady then moved from Sorbie Road, to Stevenston's New Street to the Higher Grade School, as it was then known, where she continued her career.
Susan Nock has recently sent me Verse 2.

Verse 1:

We have a bond that holds us fast,
A bond of love and truth
To serve our school from first to last
with fellowship and youth.

Verse 2:

The source of lore thy confines are,
Of which thou givest free,
The lore thy students carry far,
To render fame to thee.

Verse 3:

Oh School! - dear scene of work and play,
Of striving and endeavour
And happy scenes of everyday,
We'll thee extol for ever.


Shout forth our glorious watchword
Pointing us to the skies
Honour and truth are its essence,
All evil it proudly defies.
Leading us onward and upward
Before it in dignity flies,
Ever our cry is "Ad Astra" Inspiring us to rise.