The Quadrangle

The 'Quad' is an outdoor area in the centre of the old building.
The 'Quad' remained unused until 1999 when Mr Roger Griffith, Principal Teacher of Biology, took on the formidable task of converting it into a staff amenity area complete with benches and pot plants. In May 2006 Mrs Maureen Cummings took over this task and, with the help of pupil helpers, has turned the Quad into the tranquil staff amenity area which it is today.

1999: Mr Cunningham (Headteacher) and Mr Hunter (PE) at work loading up the barrows.

24 June 1999

The Quad contains two commemorative plaques:
Andrew Partridge, former Headteacher of Ardrossan Academy from 1968 to 1987.
Gus Guthrie, former Assistant Headteacher and teacher of Biology at Ardrossan Academy from 1983 to 2000.

May 2004: Mr Griffith places a 'time capsule', containing a CD of the Ardrossan Academy website, at the bottom of the pot which will contain Sorbus bristoliensis, a rare tree adopted by Mr Dalgleish

July 2006: the 'completed' Quad