David Kerr

David Kerr, former pupil and Senior Technician at Ardrossan Academy from 1969 until 1993, died on Wednesday 7 February 2007.

Known to his friends as 'Davy', he was famous for his 'magic screwdriver' with which he could fix anything and, of course, the hat which never left his head.

Before coming to Ardrossan Academy, Davy was employed as a technician at ICI Nobel Division. Using his glass-blowing expertise, he made a working model of an artificial kidney.

Though primarily a Science technician, Davy's expertise extended throughout the school. When the photocopier broke down, Davy would be called in immediately. His knowledge of computers, and audio/video equipment made him indespensible. Basically, if something went wrong in the school, staff called Davy!

Even after he retired, Davy did not lose contact with the school. He maintained the telephone exchange for many years and was always willing to help out when required.

At his funeral, Davy was referred to as "Mr Fix-it" by the Rev. B. Oxburgh - a very fitting description which Davy would have appreciated and to which he would have responded with his usual little chuckle of "He He".

Davy will be sadly missed by all his colleagues at Ardrossan Academy.