Visit to China 2005

Seven pupils and two teachers from Ardrossan Academy attended a Chinese Language Immersion Course at the China Arts Academy in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China in the summer of 2005. The Immersion Course was sponsored by the British Council. Ardrossan Academy was one of the first three Scottish Schools to take part in the course. Ardrossan Academy was literally the very first because the course that was held in Hangzhou started a day earlier than the two other courses held in Xiamen and Kunming!

At the end of the Immersion Course the pupils visited their 'sister school' in Shanghai for three days. Ardrossan Academy is linked with Qingpu First High School in Shanghai and head teacher Wang Xue Cai visited Ardrossan Academy in November 2002.

Sponsorship for the visit had been received from a number of local companies and businesses and the pupils would like to extend a grateful thanks to: Hunterston 'A', Hunterston 'B', GSK, CHA, 10Basecom, William McCrindle & Son and NAC.

Prosper Engineering of Irvine are also setting up a factory in Shanghai and, while the pupils were in Hangzhou, a director of the company, Ian Lennox, met the group and took them to visit downtown Shanghai. The pupils were excited about the prospect of meeting Ian and his assistant Charles Lu. The challenge set for them was to speak each alternate hour in Mandarin and English for the whole day.